Not sure on what to wear? Well here is some helpful suggestions along with photos. All of these photos are good clothing options!

Go with:
*Colors that compliment each other!
*Don't be afraid to mix funky patterns!
*Different textures...lace, cotton, silk, etc.
*Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!
*Everyone in black with jeans is classic
*Think about everything down to the shoes! You don't want a lovely/dressier look and then have tennis shoes on!
*Pastels & vintage design are the hip thing right now for little girls especially with lots of patterns/designs


Stay away from:
*All white (that is where your eye goes first, so if you want slimming, think darker colors!)
*The "matching colors of shirts" for each family (if doing a large group)
*Matching outfits for the kids. They are unique individuals, let their personality shine!